The great indoors: how to keep fit

Winter has never been a great time to keep fit, with most of us opting for the warmth of our sitting rooms over the icy temperatures that await at local parks and pitches.

Indoor sports represent a great opportunity to break this sedentary cycle – encouraging the whole family to get together and learn a completely new activity.


Consisting of moulded plastic climbing holds that staff can move to ensure a variety of routes and difficulties, climbing walls are an excellent way to keep fit and learn some essential outdoor skills – such as top roping.

The British Mountaineering Council


This precision skill has been revered throughout the ages and mastering it remains an impressive feat to this day. Target archery makes use of a fixed board that participants attempt to hit from set distances.

Grand National Archery Society 


Murraymania may only hit the UK during the summer, but tennis is a great all-year-rounder with plenty of venues now offering dedicated indoor facilities for all ages. Indoor tennis has its own dedicated tournaments with the British Open Seniors Indoor Championships and the Champions Tournament held each December at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Lawn Tennis Association 

An Introduction to Snozone from Snozone on Vimeo.


Indoor ski/snowboard runs are the perfect chance for families to spend the winter learning from scratch or enhancing their skills in preparation for the real thing. An increase in venues is also helping to bring prices down.

Snowsport England 


One of the UK’s latest fitness imports, indoor trampoline parks are aimed at the whole family. As well as teaching individual skills, other trampoline-based activities such as dodge ball are also available.

Trampoline Gymnastics

Welcome to the space age!

Family sports require a lot of passenger and boot capacity – which is no problem for the Peugeot 2008 Crossover, which offers 360 litres as standard. In addition, chrome metal strips allow you to slide all your sports equipment into the boot without it dragging on the carpet.