Tennis hits the road

4World-renowned tennis coach Judy Murray is travelling around Scotland to discover young players who can equal sons Andy and Jamie’s success, and promote the benefits of sport and healthy living. Judy will be transporting her kit around Scotland using a customised Boxer Van, putting Tennis On The Road.

With eye-catching branding and plenty of storage space, the Peugeot Boxer van forms an integral part of the Tennis On The Road campaign. “Tennis on the Road is about inspiring and supporting parents, teachers, volunteers and coaches to increase participation and grow the game in their local areas using whatever space they have.” Judy explained, “You don’t need a tennis court to get kids started! Our new van from Peugeot is perfect for carrying our equipment and our team, and is a great way to show that tennis really is on the road!”


At the official launch of the programme in Edinburgh earlier this year, the Duchess of Cambridge (pictured above) helped to coach a number of the school children in some of the games, attending Craigmont High School alongside Judy Murray.

Tennis On The Road is designed to encourage involvement in sport, from simple games through to full tennis competitions. Children from ages 5-12 can take part, with three segments aimed towards different skill and fitness levels; Set 4 Sport introduces agility, balance and co-ordination through generic group games, Set 4 Tennis starts integrating more traditional tennis drills through games, such as using a sports sock as a ball and Piñata Tennis, which develops the overhead shot. Finally Set 4 Competition introduces the competitive element, whether that’s against one another or officiating others participating.

For the adults, whether they’re a teacher or tennis coach, Set 4 Coaching gives pointers on how to develop the skills of youngsters as well as tips and tricks for encouraging involvement. Thanks to the mobile base of the Peugeot Boxer Van, Tennis On The Road can travel throughout Scotland, with only a reasonable outdoor or indoor space and a couple of hours required. The intention is then for the trained adults to run a 5-week course themselves.

For more information on Tennis On The road, head here and for more on Peugeot’s Boxer Van, click here.