Introducing the next generation Peugeot i-Cockpit®

Peugeot has revealed its vision of tomorrow’s driving environment with the next generation of its innovative and hugely popular i-Cockpit®.

Technological advances have enabled improved comfort and safety with advanced sensory engagement for drivers and passengers, and the new i-Cockpit® will feature on the next generation of Peugeot models available in the UK from 2017.

The new design retains all of the existing features and benefits of the current generation of the Peugeot i-Cockpit®, fitted on Peugeot 208, 2008 Crossover and 308 models. Following intensive studies by Peugeot – with customers across Europe and China agreeing that driving a Peugeot i-Cockpit® vehicle is a rewarding and stimulating experience – engineers and designers were able to make a number of improvements to intensify the experience.

Using a full-scale reproduction of the front passenger compartment, Peugeot engineers and designers were able to produce and develop the new i-Cockpit® design in a genuine setting, refining the design and features from the perspective of drivers and passengers.


Engineers started with the steering wheel, re-designed to provide drivers with an even greater field of vision and more leg space for additional comfort. The wheel itself is now even more compact, offering more agility and manoeuvrability with improved driving sensation.

Drivers’ arms are now closer when holding the steering wheel, reducing the breadth of movement required during manoeuvres, thus making the car more responsive and agile, with an improved, more relaxed driving position.

Building on the elevated instrument cluster of the current generation i-Cockpit®, Peugeot engineers developed a new head-up instrumentation display, with a 12.3” high-resolution digital screen taking pride of place on the dashboard. Positioned in the driver’s line of sight, the large screen clearly displays all critical information within their field of view, enabling more information to be read easily and quickly. This removes the need for drivers to look away from the road, enhancing driving safety.


Peugeot designers have taken full advantage of a new 12.3” screen, developing bespoke futuristic graphics for drivers and passengers, further enhancing their “in-cabin” experience. The display is fully customisable with each configuration heightened with animations and transitions.

Passengers will also note the new tablet-like 8” touch screen in the centre of the instrument panel, which has been improved over the current in-car infotainment system. New interactive technology has increased responsiveness and ease of use.

The next generation i-Cockpit® will also enjoy features including 3D navigation, available on both information screens, with real-time traffic information from TomTom Traffic. Connectivity with voice recognition and commands enables hands-free device control, with useful features such as automatic text message management – reading, drafting and sending ­– all hands-free. The central screen also features Apple CarPlay™, Mirrorlink® and Android Auto technologies.

All of the new technology and features are set in a new centre console, which has been designed with elegance and practicality in mind. Those sat behind the new streamlined interior will note the lack of buttons, choice of high-grade materials and premium build quality. The result is improved driving pleasure, agility and driver concentration.


The design is visually appealing, with the experience intensified through lighting and an inner chromatic atmosphere as well as the digital elements on both of the infotainment screens. To the touch, occupants will also notice the seats offering multipoint massages, the enhanced build quality of the dashboard and high quality material choices that surround them.

Accompanying the visual and tactile element, musical atmospheric settings provide an audible experience like no other, while the in-built fragrance diffuser provides the final sensory stimulation for occupants.

Almost all of these senses can be tailored to occupant taste, with two atmospheric settings offered as standard; Boost™ for dynamic driving, and Relax™ for a calmer driving experience. Both settings are completely customisable, making driver and passenger on-board experiences unique, engaging and unforgettable, all thanks to Peugeot’s new i-Cockpit®.


For more information on the new i-Cockpit (pictured above with Peugeot Style Director Gilles Vidal) head here.