New Peugeot 208 Uncut, Unleashed

Don’t miss Peugeot’s exciting Uncut, Unleashed video, celebrating the launch of the New 208 with some adrenaline-fuelled action…

The film uses the New 208’s reverse parking camera to create a unique point of view for the action, combining precision driving with action-packed performances… all in one, unedited take. Check out the film below:



Rally driver Chris Ingram, part of the Peugeot SPORT UK team, took the wheel of the New 208 leading it around a car park, while performers such as skaters Tony Gale and Nathan Morris as well as free-runner Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph carried out some impressive manoeuvres of their own. They were also joined by freestyle BMX rider Keelan Phillips and extreme mountain biker Danny Butler.

Using the reverse parking camera Chris could keep a close eye on the action, and steer the New 208 through a precisely timed urban course – every manoeuvre guided by the reversing camera while the action was being captured. Chris wasn’t to be denied finishing with a flourish though, as once the performers were clear of the New 208 he executed a perfect handbrake turn.

Chris thoroughly enjoyed playing his part in the video, even though the initial concept put him somewhat on edge. “When I first heard the idea for the shoot,” he explained, “I was quite nervous about driving the 208 backwards through the narrow concrete car park. However, as soon as I put all my trust in the reverse camera it was easy. I didn’t take my eye off the screen once during the entire run which proves what a great tool it is. I’m used to driving rally cars as fast as possible going forwards, but I’m probably a pretty average parker!”