Engineering the FRACTAL Concept car

If you had to give a car a soundtrack, where would you start?

The engineers behind the Peugeot FRACTAL Concept car started from silence, with the vehicle’s noiseless electric motor giving them a blank canvas to explore.

They wanted sound to be an integral part of the driving experience – so designed the revolutionary Peugeot i-Cockpit in collaboration with sound designer Amon Tobin.

The special anechoic interior of the cockpit is made with more than 80% 3D-printed parts, designed to deaden unwanted noise, allowing the ultra-high-quality audio system to come into its own.

But this isn’t about about music. Subwoofers in the seatbacks and speakers around the cockpit immerse the driver in a cocoon of sound, which is used for everything from telling the driver whether they’re speeding up or slowing down, to whether they’re turning left or right.

The idea is to allow drivers to feel their way around the city streets through the tones and reverberations of the car.

And while the experts have spent months developing a system that will work for all drivers, individualists will be glad to hear that the possibility of unique sound packs means they can make the car their own.